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Admission Process for ‘Special Students’

The PPGTO admits the individual application of the ‘special students’ (students that are not officially enrolled in the program) in courses of the Program, upon request to be approved by its Coordination members, according to norms provided by the Internal Regulation.

The candidates to be special students will enroll in individual course(s), submitting the following documents to the Program office:

- Application Form;

- A current copy of the Curriculum Vitae from the Lattes Platform (CNPq);

- A copy of RG (ID document) and CPF (if they are Brazilian, otherwise a copy of the passport);

- Proof of enrollment in a graduate program, undergraduate or graduate degree, or proof that they have attended at least 80% of the undergraduate credits;

- Personal Statement Letter.

From the list of courses offered in each semester, those that will accept special students will expressly contain this indication, published on the PPGTO website. The other courses will be offered exclusively to regular PPGTO students.

At the end of the registration period, the office will forward documentation for analysis of the faculty members responsible for the course, who, according to their own criteria, will decide whether to accept them or not.

After that, the office will forward the approved applications for final analysis of the PPGTO CPG (Graduate Commission) and, finally, will publish the accepted applications on the PPGTO website.

The registration confirmation must be sent by e-mail by the student (declaring the interest in enrolling) and the office will then arrange the student's enrollment in the course(s).

The special student will be denied enrollment in a course that they have already failed.

The special student could come to be a regular student of the Program exclusively through approval in Admission Process.