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Credit validation in courses

The regular student of PPGTO/UFSCar who has attended course(s) in another Program or equivalent Institution may request the validation of the credits, in accordance with the Internal Regulation of the PPGTO, which establishes, among other things, that:

Courses attended as a regular student in equivalent program or institution may be recognized by the PPGTO, up to a maximum of 40% of the total credits required for the completion of the Master's or Doctorate Degree, provided that they are completed no later than two years prior to enrollment in the PPGTO, regarding the Master's Degree, and no later than three years regarding the Doctorate Course.

For this purpose, the specific form, completed and signed by the student and with their supervisor’s expressed agreement, must be submitted to the PPGTO Office, with the original declaration and/or the course statement, containing the course title and syllabus, total academic load, attendance and obtained grade.

The requests will be forwarded to the CPG (Graduate Commission), which will deliberate on the credit validation. Once approved, the office will make arrangements to include the course in the student's record.