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Historical Background

From the historical viewpoint, occupational therapy is a new profession in our country as well as in the world - its first courses date from the 1950’s in Brazil. From the perspective of graduate studies, it started less than 20 years ago and, although the scientific production capacity is on the increase, it is still quite limited. This situation is worsened by the lack of Sricto Sensu graduate programs in the area, both in Brazil and in Latin America; this fact has imposed on the professionals who hold doctorate degrees in the country the necessity to look for graduate studies in occupational therapy abroad nowadays or, as in most cases, for graduate programs from related areas in the country. This effort has helped the consolidation of occupational therapy as an area of knowledge and has also considerably increased Brazilian scientific production in the field, through the scientific production in the area and the participation in the Research Groups registered in the Research Groups Directory from CNPq in Brazil, coordinated by occupational therapists.

The investment made by higher education institutions (IES) in the training of occupational therapy teachers in master’s and doctoral graduate studies in the past decades in the nation has enabled the engagement of part of these teachers in graduate study programs in related areas, allowing for the enhancement of teaching and master’s/doctorate advisory experiences. Despite this participation being very important to develop skills in teaching, scientific advisory and production, interchange with other professionals, and developing researches, it does not meet the necessity to implement a Graduate Studies Program, where specific issues from the area are regarded, once its development shall be generated from the tackling of problems inherent to the field.

Consequently, the UFSCar Graduate Studies Program in Occupational Therapy in Brazil, goals to educate researchers to knowledge production in the field, in the context of the Brazilian reality.

The Academic Master had started in 2009 and the PhD in 2015. We expect to build important steps in Brazilian history of the graduation studies in Occupational Therapy.

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