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Master and Doctorate Scholarships

The Graduate Program in Occupational Therapy at the Federal University of São Carlos (PPGTO / UFSCar) annually offers, when available, Master's and Doctorate Scholarships (CAPES / Social Demand).
This offer is made through annual calls, in which students regularly inscripted in the Program and incoming students approved in the same year of the call can participate. This process is organized by the PPGTO Scholarship Commission. The result must be approved by the Program's Graduate Commission.
The order of classification in these notices is valid for 12 months and will direct the granting of scholarships in the period.

Postdoctoral Scholarship - PNPD / CAPES

Within the scope of CAPES 'National Postdoctoral Program (PNPD) (Ordinance No. 086 of July 3, 2013), this scholarship aims at the PPGTO:
I - promote high-level studies in occupational therapy;
II - reinforce national research groups in the area of ​​occupational therapy;
III - to foster and / or renew the staff in the Postgraduate Programs in higher education and research institutions;
IV - promote the insertion of Brazilian and foreign researchers in post-doctoral research internship, stimulating their integration with research projects in occupational therapy developed by PPGTO.
It has been offered annually (with the scholarship made available by CAPES to the PPGTO) through public notices that guide the selection process conducted by a committee commissioned by the Program's Graduate Commission.

PDSE / CAPES scholarship

Doctoral Sandwich Program Abroad (PDSE)
This scholarship aims to support the training of doctoral students through the granting of quota for sandwich doctoral scholarships abroad. The internship abroad should include, as a priority, research in the area of ​​occupational therapy.
It has been offered annually (with the availability of scholarship quotas by CAPES to PPGTO / UFSCar) through public calls that guide the selection process conducted by a specific commission instituted by the Program's Graduate Commission.


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